Our Commitment

Urban Renaissance Farms

Dig In



Caring for the land is a sacred responsibility that drives everything we do at Urban Renaissance Farms. We are committed to promoting a land ethic based on nurturing the land to improve its health and productivity in a sustainable way. We do this by refusing to use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and relying on bio-intensive, organic production techniques.


A community benefits when everyone digs in to improve it. At Urban Renaissance Farms we reject the idea that a good life means you have to leave your city. We have stayed right where we began to make our city stronger and healthier. Our organization fosters a vital connection between the people and the land by providing educational opportunities and by managing the East 279th Street Community Garden.  


Food is life and we believe that your food choices should make the people, the land, and the community stronger and healthier. Our food is locally-grown without unhealthy chemicals. When you dig into food grown on our farm, you can be confident you made the right choice. 


Working with natural cycles of growth can help all of us see our place in the world. We seek to connect people with the land in order to promote their mental and emotional health as well as their physical well-being. Our counseling program (set to begin in 2025) will use horticultural and animal therapy techniques to provide pathways to wellness and recovery.